venerdì 6 giugno 2014

Sometimes i fight

"Sometimes i Fight" è la dolorosa testimonianza di una giovane vittima di tratta. Intrappolata in un mondo ostile e violento e sconvolta dai crimini commessi contro di lei, la ragazza si rifugia negli angoli reconditi della sua mente per sottrarsi all'orrore della sua vita. Il corto, inedito, è basato su una storia vera. 

La sceneggiatura è di Angelique Mulholland, la musica originale di Maria Fausta Rizzo. 

Il video è stato selezionato dal Premio l'Anello Debole Film Festival


'Sometimes I fight' is the painful testimony of a young victim of trafficking. Trapped in a friendless, violent world and traumatised by the crimes committed against her - our young victim recedes into the dark corners of her mind to escape the horror of her life.

Every year, thousands of women are trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation. This form of trafficking is often called "sex trafficking". Yet this term is a misnomer - sex is a consensual act between two adults. When women and girls are trafficked, they are often raped by their traffickers, and then repeatedly raped by the "clients" who claim to be purchasing "sexual services". Consent has little to do with it. The Salvation Army estimates that 87% of trafficking victims worldwide are women and 77% are sexually exploited.

"Sometimes I fight" is based on a true story. The young girl upon which our film is based was trafficked from her native Nigeria to the UK and imprisoned in a private apartment.

She was just 14 years old when she was first trafficked. The film delves into her fragmented psyche and explores the loneliness, fear and complete sense of hopelessness trafficking brings to its innocent victims.

The film opens on a seemingly innocuous neighborhood in South London. The haunting music and sepia drenched street prepares the audience for equally haunting and painful testimony. Our young protagonist begins by telling the viewer why sometimes she fights the men who violate her; because sometimes, she "feels hope." Yet this hope is both fragile and fading. "Day by day, man by man, I am loosing hope. I am pretending I am dead." She becomes lifeless to the men who abuse her body. She is "playing dead" to escape the pain.

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